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April 2008

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Tuesday, April 29th

More little kids showed up this weekend. Gwen gave birth to 2 nice little bucks Sat night. Having problems getting the camera to upload pics to the computer so pics will have to wait.
Got the vacuum pump set up and piped over to the barn side of the garage. We talked to a guy that milks goats and he said to try using a cow claw with a really narrow bore inflation so we bought some stuff and tried it out. Bev didn't mind a bit when we hooked her up. Gwen might be more of a problem since she isn't as well behaved but it looks like it will work. Misty is gettting fatter and we hope to see some kids from her soon Hope we get a doe or two.
I picked up a hay crimper at an auction a while back and am getting that ready to go. Also picked up another baler for a good price that I hope to sell. We also bought a really nice enclosed trailer about 5x8 for 100 bucks that will be nice for hauling calves and goats around.
Still pretty wet out in the garden and fields. Snowed yesterday. We have 35 pounds of seed potatoes waiting to go in the ground and lots of stuff started waiting as well.
sammyd on 04.29.08 @ 06:06 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, April 22nd

bothbucksBoth little guys up on moms milking staand, looking for stuff to eat.
sammyd on 04.22.08 @ 03:40 AM CST [link]

onebuck2Another shot of a little guy
sammyd on 04.22.08 @ 03:38 AM CST [link]

sammyd on 04.22.08 @ 03:26 AM CST [link]

onebuckOne of our latest additions.
sammyd on 04.22.08 @ 03:24 AM CST [link]

One of our newest arrivals
sammyd on 04.22.08 @ 03:18 AM CST [link]

onebuck (37k image)
One of our new arrivals.
sammyd on 04.22.08 @ 03:15 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, April 1st

Well, Bev was our first goat to freshen. Yesterday afternoon saw the arrival of 2 cute little billy kids.
I will have to find the camera and get some pics up.
I finally got around to rebuilding the vacuum pump and have that running, but have yet to get a claw for milking goats. I found a dairy equiment dealer that has a bit of goat experience and will have to run over there and see what he has for parts.
Still lots of snow on the ground and we seem to get a bit every few days that has to melt off before the old stuff can resume melting. But the bare ground is gaining.
Seed potatoes arrived at the feed mill so I'll have to stop in there this week and get some.
Tammy got a deal on some blueberry bushes and those will get planted soon (I hope). The folks are drastically reducing their raspberry patch so we will get a bunch of those along with some pie cerry bushes when we can.
sammyd on 04.01.08 @ 09:01 PM CST [link]