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Tuesday, July 25th

Here are a few things I have built or done that may be of use.

NEW!! How to skin a chicken.

A Lightweight chicken tractor

A portable rabbit hutch

A cheap and rustic looking countertop

A few links that may be of help

Here are a few of the books I have found to be of interest to people looking at self sufficiency


This is the book that got me started. A major resource. Info on animals, gardening, setting up your self sufficient palce. A must have for anyone contemplating self sufficiency. John also has the following books

Cooking and Keeping

Not really a self sufficient cookbook, but packed with a lot of good recipies. Tammy uses this one a lot.
A very good book. Discusses all the garden veggies and fruits. How and when to plant, and how to store. Very good recipies as well. If you live near a good Amish store look for it there. If you do order it from Amazon, it's worth every penny.
A great book about storing your stuff. I hope to use the info from this book to turn a room in the basement into a root cellar.