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Saturday, December 27th

Well, got the new goat pen made. Plenty of room for all the girls and Bubba.
Haven't got his pen done yet so he will be hanging out with the girls for a bit yet.
The pinkeye epidemic cleared up and everybody is back to normal whew.....
Finally got the solar powered water tank done for the steers. I put the electric heater in it as well just for backup. We'll see how the electric bill looks. One thing nice is that it's bigger than the old tank so we don't have to fill it as often.
Really need to concentrate on a new chicken coop next year. This one is a bit too small and since I pulled out the ceiling for the calves and never put it back, it gets kinda cold in there.
I think that the shed I built in back for the cows will be towed up by the garage and turned into the new chicken coop.
So far we are doing OK on our hay supply.
We switched to using the 16% grain formula that the mill uses for its calf grower but we have them leave out the decox. We feed it to the steers and the goats. I have a bag of soybean meal for adding a little extra kick to the goat grain.
Luckily feed prices have taken a drop.
Winter is a pain, fighting the cold and snow. This weekend we have a bit of a heat wave which is nice but I'm sure we will be back to regular weather soon.
Oh well.
Have some tinkering to do in the basement in preparation for starting seeds this spring, something to do when it's too cold outside.
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