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November 2008

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Tuesday, November 18th

A few things have been happening around here.
Building a bigger pen to hold all of our girls.
We cleaned out all of the hay and bedding stacked in the garage for the winter and are building a 10'x16' pen where that used to be. We will be adding a 10'x7' pen next to that for Bubba and removing his old pen.
Geeze I made 148 bales of bedding 3 years ago and it seems as if I still had it all in the garage. I know I used a bunch of it but there must be almost 100 bales left. The goats kinda bed themselves, they are messy eaters. I think they put as much hay on the floor as in their stomachs. I wil have to look for some better feeder plans I guess.
Still making firewood. Lots to get in yet.
The chickens are really starting to lay now and Tammy has sold some of the eggs, we'll see how that keeps up. We are selling them for more than the white ones but less than the brown cage free ones at the store and less than the ones at the Amish stores.

A few of our goats came down with pink eye this week. We are trying antibiotic ointment in their eyes. Misty cleared up but Gwen is still kinda bad. Tammy was pretty distraught when we first noticed Gwen because she really has it bad and is almost blind. But we hope to clear her up. Then I suppose the rest will catch it too. Ah, the joys of owning animals.

The steers are in the chicken yard for the winter. We keep them in there because the honeysuckle provides a nice windbreak and they have the overhang on the chicken coop to go under. This year we also have the smaller coop out there that they can go into.

Pretty soon it will be down to daily chores and planning next years escapades. Looks like the cold weather is here to stay and we have been getting bouts of snow.
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Sunday, November 2nd