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Tuesday, October 28th

Christopher found the first egg from our layers today!!
Hopefully many more to come!!
sammyd on 10.28.08 @ 10:25 PM CST [link]

Well it's finally fall here in WI.
Saw some snow on the ground this morning, just a dusting but a fair warning that things better be ready.
Have 7 meat birds left to get butchered. Always seem to have a few left after the big push. But it gives us something to can. We chunk up the breast meat and put it up in pints. A real nice quick way to get a meal prepared when you're in a hurry, or even make a quick chicken salad for a snack.
Finally got all the paperwork done and closed on the land out back.
Put a few more bags of corn silage up. Fed out one of the bags last week. It looked pretty good and smelled like silage. The goats ate it up.
A buddy of mine lucked into a few doe goats so we will be letting Bubba go visit.
Still have some kolarabi, brussels sprouts and rutbegas out in the garden. Hasn't froze too hard, but I do need to get them in soon.
No eggs out of our hens yet.
Got rid of most of our rabbits. Just a couple of does, a buck and the 2 month old bunnies.
The calves are looking good. They will be moved into their winter quarters pretty soon.
Working on building a water trough that will use the sun to keep it unfrozen through the winter. Saw some plans for something similar somewhere. I will probably throw the electric heater in it just to be safe but hopefully with the solar collector and a lot of insulation it will stay warm enough to not activate the heater. That thing really runs up the electric bill. Have to post some pics.
Jeeze, a lot of stuff I need to take pics of, could probably spend a day doing that!
Have a few things to move around in the shop to make room for the tractor, the cat and our "new" lawn mower with a snowblower on it. My dad bought a really nice used Cub Cadet with a loader, snowblower, and mower and was going to sell me his old set up but decided that if I drove over to MN to pick the stuff up for him he would give me his old stuff as payment. Not a bad deal at all. So we have a Lawn Boy 12 HP hydro tractor with a snowblower, blade, and mower deck. I will probably never use the mower but the blower and blade will come in handy I'm sure.
Have a line on some more goats. A doe and some bucks. We can always use an extra milker, and we'll have to see how the bucks look. My buddy could use one and we may need something to replace Bubba if he ever throws any doe kids for us. Or we may wether them and eat them, ya just never know.
Been busy getting wood in for winter. All ready burned some up with the low temps lately. Tammy's brothers have a friend that lets them make wood so she goes over there and helps out and brings back a truck and trailer load. My buddy with the goats and I have made a few loads out on his dads land. And we have a lot left to get out of there. Good thing we picked up that new saw.
That's about it for now.

sammyd on 10.28.08 @ 03:35 AM CST [link]