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October 2006

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Sunday, October 22nd

Been a few days.
I bought 100 bales of some nice looking 3rd crop hay and the goats have been working on that now that they are inside for the winter.
I have 3 big square bales of 1st crop coming for the heifers. When it arrives they will come in for the winter.
Have a few sunflower heads to get in yet, and 4 chickens to butcher. They have been leading a charmed life but one of these days we will run out of "other things to do" and take care of them.
I am really leaning towards getting all of the rabbits in the freezer. A lot less work over the winter, and replacement costs aren't too bad.
Got the new tires on the tractor and got most of the fall plowing done. Can't wait to get a disc around here. Mowed the neighbors yard with the sickle mower while I was putzing with the tractor.
Starting to see a few eggs that look like they come from beginning layers. About time! Tammy says she's starting to get requests for the eggs at work. Also getting some interest in the goats milk but with only one milking and not knowing the laws I think we won't pursue that for now.
Got 7 cords of wood in and that should see us through most of the winter. Have to get a bit of LP in the tank for the water heater and in case we need to use the gas furnace.
All in all I'm pretty happy with what we accomplished this year. Not everything was a success, and we didn't get some things on my list started but overall I have a better idea of what we can and cannot do for ourselves.
sammyd on 10.22.06 @ 06:38 AM CST [link]