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Thursday, September 23rd


Been a while......

Rough summer. We have had lots of rain. Lots and lots.... Right now there's a foot and a half in the basement and the sump pump hasn't stopped running since last night.
Busy year. Finally got to plant the 20 acres behind us to oats and alfalfa. Made the old WD earn her keep pulling the drill. And since the cultipacker is wider than the drill Chris got to pull that around with the 756...lucky kid smile
But after looking good all summer the rag weed invaded and then we weren't able to find a combine operator to take it off. Ended up cutting the whole patch and round baling it up. Got 169 round bales of straw, something I really don't need. Hopefully we can sell some.
Planted 2 of the feedlots to roundup ready corn and that looks really good.
The rain this year really messed up they hay, I put up some moist stuff but I got some good stuff too.
Everything worked well and since we aren't keeping any cows over winter we should be set for hay.
We have a bunch of goats. We are milking 6 at the moment but have 13 or so waiting in the wings.
Bought a nice 2 hole milking stand a few weeks ago and the girls are getting used to that.
Have a batch of calves out on pasture...1 bull and 4 little heifers. Sure look good.
Shipped 4 heifers last week but they didn't bring what I'd hoped for.
Chris took a bunch of animals to the fair for 4H. 2 rabbits, 2 chickens, and 3 goats. Got a pile of ribbons and a reserve grand champion with Bridgette for junior miking doe.
Tammy canned lots of tomatoes this year again. Made lots of spaghetti and pizza sauce. We canned some applesauce as well. Didn't do too much else, we still have a bunch of stuff around....
Grew out 50 meat birds and 5 or so egg layers this year. We have 8 meat birds left. Sold a bunch and put 11 or so in the freezer. Will probably sell the egg layers, we need the shed for goats....
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