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September 2007

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Sunday, September 30th

A few of our Cornish birds and the ducks are hiding under the bush.
sammyd on 09.30.07 @ 12:57 AM CST [link]

14 does in their tractor. We have about 100 rabbits at the moment.
sammyd on 09.30.07 @ 12:55 AM CST [link]

Our new goat. A little wild but overall pretty decent.
sammyd on 09.30.07 @ 12:53 AM CST [link]

Picked up from a guy that quit farming a few years ago. Didn't miss a beat.
sammyd on 09.30.07 @ 12:51 AM CST [link]

Well it's been a long summer and now fall is setting in.
Haven't had much time for the blog and the host I was using had a few problems. New host now and a little more time to ramble on.

The garden did OK despite the dry conditions we had.
Had 3 pumpkins on one plant. The butternut and acorn squash did OK and I have a wheelbarrow of them waiting to be put away..
Had some nice looking cabbage but it was really dried out on the inside and only got 13 pints of kraut out of it.
The tomatoes did OK. Have quarts of ketchup, salsa, spahgetti sauce, stewed and regular tomatoes put away for winter, yummmy.
The rutebagas are looking goo and the brussel sprouts as well, be getting those in after another frost or 2.
Strawberries were a little thin but we got raspberries and lots of jam from both.

We did 77 CornishxRocks this year. Sold 40 of them and put the rest in the freezer. We also bought 4 ducks just to see how they are. We will be giving those to the neighbor for keeping Belle while she saw the bull. The layers will be getting canned this year as they are getting old. We will get a new batch in the spring.
Lots of rabbits to butcher yet. We also sold a few kits to a local pet store.
Sold Gem but was disappointed by what we got. Next time I will have to make sure I do a better job of dehorning. Stupid is looking fit and is on track to be butchered in the summer. Bell spent some time at the neighbors visiting the bull. We hope she settled. Lady went in the freezer in June. Got almost 600 pounds of meat from her and it is tasty.
Bought a new goat named Misty. She's half Nigerean LaMancha as near as we can tell. She gives half a gallon of milk a day if Tammy milks her.

The tractor worked pretty good. Mowed the ditches and topped the pasture with it. Just got done doing some fall plowing as well. Bought a baler to do up the oat straw and it ran that OK.
I'll have to post some pics.
sammyd on 09.30.07 @ 12:49 AM CST [link]

oats (88k image)
Tried harvesting oats the old fashioned way this year. Realized why the combine was invented smile
Not a very good yield either once we got a combine in here. Dry conditions and weedy seed. Didn't see much of my pasture grasses up underneath the oats either.
sammyd on 09.30.07 @ 12:26 AM CST [link]