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Friday, August 18th

Well it's been a while.
Our garden has grown a bumper crop of weeds. Takes a bit of effort to keep ahead of them.
We dried a bushel of green beans and canned another. I made 4 pints of dill beans but the recipie Iused was a bit strong. So at least they will last a bit longer than normal.
We canned a bunch of dill pickles and I'm trying a crock dill recipie I got from my partner at work.
We canned a bunch of strawberry and apple jelly. The strawberry is a bit juicy but it tastes pretty good.
The summer squash is abundant and Tammy keeps coming up with new ways to cook it that I actually like. She pulled a few potatoes this week and boy were they tasty.
The cows are growing quite well. I had them on 1/2 acre of pasture but they are now back on tether because the pasture is pretty much done. a combination of old grassy stuff and a lack of rain.
I hope to get some fence made this coming week and let them graze through the new seeding for a bit.
The chickens are looking good. We plan to start butchering next week. I will have to do something about their fence as well. The new birds are quite adept at flying over it.
Our bunnies have been a disappointment. Not much production. We had 8 new ones show up this week but the doe didn't care for them so they died. I think the lack of new babies may be my fault for not keeping the doe with the buck long enough. So hopefully with a new plan we will get some more babies.
I cut 5 acres of hay 2 weeks ago but my timing has been pretty bad and it's been rained on a few times. Good for bedding I suppose but I need a couple of dry days to get it baled.
All in all it's been a pretty good summer and I learned a few things. By the time we get ready to have the cows milking I should have the place pretty much set.

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