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Sunday, July 26th

Well, it has been a while......

Found out the Farmall 400 is in bad need of engine work. Smokes bad and fouls the plugs really quick. Buddy has it torn down and is replacing the rings and checking some other stuff. Have a line on a different one I will be checking on soon.

Made a bunch of hay this year. Got the old haybine working well and the 24T is pounding out bales like a champ. Made about 45 acres of first crop and will be making 50-60 of second since I found a guy who will sell his standing hay fairly cheap. A lot of the first 45 acres is grassy "take it off so I don't have to mess with it" deals but the other stuff is nice alfalfa for the lactating goats.

The garden is looking great. We've been able to keep up with the weeds fairly well this year. Our rasberry patch is producing an abundance of berries. We have been picking nonstop for over a week now and it looks like we've hardly touched it. Sold a bunch and gave away a bunch and made a lot of jelly.

The chickens are growing well and should be ready by the end of August. We have at least 13 ducklings running around as well. We grabbed them as they hatched under the hens and put them in the brooder with the chicks who arrived just shortly before the big hatchout. Kinda fortuitous.
We hope to sell a few of the ducks, but will probably end up giving them away as barter items or just among our friends, either way they will come in handy.

Our steers are looking good, have bought in 2 more little guys to drink up the excess goat milk. The heifers Lady and Star are doing well out on pasture with a little grain.

The goats are thriving. Production is down but we did have Petunia freshen last month and she's producing well. Christy may be dropping soon. The little ones are quite friendly and it is nice to take a goat break once in a while....hop the fence and sit down in the pasture and let the goats mob you.

Getting a bunch of cleanup done in and around the sheds we bought last year. Going to take a lot of work but things are getting better. The old Cat had proven to be a very good buy and is very handy for a lot of the cleanup jobs.

Crops are looking OK, corn is weedy and some of the oats are lodged but overall not the worst. Weather is being uncooperative though...but that's par for the course I suppose.

I'll have to get the camera out later and update the pics around here..........
sammyd on 07.26.09 @ 09:10 PM CST [link]