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July 2006

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Tuesday, July 25th

Well wouldn't you know it, cut my oats and it's been raining since.
Hopefully it will dry out before the week is up so I can get that stuff baled.
Dried a bushel of beans and they need picking again. The peas need a good going over too.
Summer squash is coming on well.
The latest batch of chickens is looking rather tasty.
sammyd on 07.25.06 @ 06:47 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, July 18th

The chickens are getting along nicely. The CornishXRocks are right about Cornish game hen size.
We put the 6 big chickens back in the yard and coop and hopefully we will start getting eggs again without having to hunt them down daily.
The cows have adapted to their pasture. I have half the acre fenced in for them. If things don't get a little wetter soon I'll have to start feeding some extra hay I think.
The bunnies are doing well but not reproducing like they should. The buck seems to know his job but we aren't seeing any signs of pregnancy from the does.
The weather has not been nice. Dry dry dry. The garden stuff is really ready to pop but the lack of water is holding it back. We are watering the viney plants and the peas and tomatoes.
We are getting nice beans and the peas are coming on, but slowly.
Bought a nice 2 bottom plow and sickle mower for the tractor. The mower works pretty well considering the age. Need to replace a few of the guards but the sickle bar and sections are in great shape. I mowed along the ditches fine but it balled up when I tried the neighbors yard where there is more smaller stuff in with the tall grass.
The plow is a manual trip and it works great. It was used this spring so it should be sufficient for my needs.
I hope to either borrow or buy a baler soon so I can get the oats done. I was thinking of putting them up loose or in bundles but I think space will become an issue shortly when I start putting in hay and more bedding for the winter.
I am also in search of a nice little disc for the tractor. I have several lined up but am having a time trying to get them hauled home since none of them are wheel discs.

sammyd on 07.18.06 @ 03:37 AM CST [link]