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May 2008

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Friday, May 16th

This is a hay field I just completed yesterday. I reclaimed part of an old beef feed lot. Due to lots of plastic twine from round bales I was unable to plow it up so I just disced it hard and often. Pulled lots of sumac out and picked a bunch of rock. It looks decent now. I hope to cut the oats, alfalfa, and timothy I planted as hay a couple of times this year. That will help with weed control.
sammyd on 05.16.08 @ 08:31 AM CST [link]

THis is a patch next to where I made the hay field. Looks about the same as the hay field did when I started.
sammyd on 05.16.08 @ 08:26 AM CST [link]

Here's our little guy with Mistys little guys.
sammyd on 05.16.08 @ 08:22 AM CST [link]

Here is one of Gwens little guys.
sammyd on 05.16.08 @ 08:18 AM CST [link]

Thursday, May 8th

Well in between the rains we keep on getting stuff done.
Got in the garden with the disc and the quack digger to work in the manure. Our rear tine tiller has a hard time working anything bulky into the soil. Looking at getting one that has reversible tines in the future.
Tammy got our peas planted.
Moved the little chicken coop we built last year over to where Tammy wants to pasture the goats this year so they'll have some shelter. Worked on the fence for that as well. Going to try 3 strands of electric and 4' snow fence.
Moved the last 2 rabbits from one set of cages to their tractors and spent a morning scooping bunny poop and hauling it out to the garden.
Bought 2 bull calves yesterday for pretty decent prices. I really have to get the camera working.
Going to buy the bulldozer today and hopefully get it delivered this weekend. Then I can get the humps worked out of the feedlots and really get them ready to plant.
Since we got the calves so late I may be able to get a cutting of hay off the pasture this year before they are ready to graze. I will have to walk it soon to see how it looks. I walked it last week and saw some clover in the new seeding that I didn't see last year after we took the oats off.
The cherry trees are ready to leaf out, the apple trees have started and the lilacs are greening up.
If it wasn't so wet it would be almost perfect around here.
sammyd on 05.08.08 @ 04:18 AM CST [link]

Monday, May 5th

Things are starting to shape up. We were able to get our 35 pounds of potatoes planted on the 1st. It was just dry enough to run the tiller up and down the old corn patch. We used the straw method again this year. If the rain holds off we should be able to get the rest of the garden disced this week and start putting out the cole crops and get our peas in.
I borrowed a tractor from our old landlord and have hit the first of 2 feedlots I hope to plant this year pretty hard with the disc. I tried plowing but there is a bunch of old plastic twine from round bales in there and that really plugs up the old plow. So I am going to try discing it several times instead of plowing.
Ordered our chickens and they should arrive June 12. 100 meat birds and 30 layers.

It's really nice to be able to get out and get something done instead of just thinking about it.
sammyd on 05.05.08 @ 01:12 AM CST [link]