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May 2006

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Saturday, May 20th


Here are the strawberries in their new area.
And a big pile of muck from the heifers. I used this for planting my potatoes.
Just cut them up, place them on the dirt and cover with 8 inches or so of muck. The really fresh stuff with lots of straw works well. Last year we had lots of big potatoes with this method. The potatoe patch should be pretty weed free first though.

Today we got the sunflowers, kidney beans, green beans and leaf lettuce planted.

The garden is really coming together.

Have 5 rabbits now, 1 buck and 4 does. Should be plenty of rabbit meat in the freezer this winter. I made up 3 cages and have 1 almost ready and then will have to make 1 more. I am trying different sorts of fence for the bottoms to see which lets the rabbits graze easier. So far chicken wire and 2x3 wire mesh seem to work OK. Stay away from hardware cloth though, the grass doesn't get through that too easy.
I'll have to draw up the plan and post it later.
I place the cages in a row and move them down the lawn twice a day.
sammyd on 05.20.06 @ 02:19 AM CST [link]

Sunday, May 14th

since we're down to 6 chickens we decided to let them free range during the day. They are quite busy all the time scratching and eating. Saw them snap up some dead baby sparrows that fell out of their nest. Never seen that before.
At night we shoosh them inside so they can lay their eggs in the nests instead of all over the yard. And it keeps them safer from any predators.
sammyd on 05.14.06 @ 05:45 PM CST [link]

Here's Tammy planting a bunch of raspberries we got from my dad.
Since mom is fructose intolerant they cut way back on their berries and we received lots of raspberries and a trunkload of strawberries. MMMMM. Can't wait for those berries.

sammyd on 05.14.06 @ 05:41 PM CST [link]


Here is another shot of Lady out on tether.
The only problem with the tether idea so far is that she is usually so full of hay and grain that she doesn't graze too much.
I will have to cut down on the stuff I give her at night so she'll hit the grass during the day.
She is really getting filled out. And she is getting quite used to people. She'll make a fine milker when she's older.
sammyd on 05.14.06 @ 05:36 PM CST [link]

Sunday, May 7th


Well finally got some field work in! A buddy at work had a Farmall Super C with attatched plow and disc he let me borrow over the weekend. The plow worked really well but the disc didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Maybe next time I'll get the plowing done in the fall and the discing will go better.
It left a lot of sod pieces on top of the ground.

Broadcast oats and alfalfa and clover over 2/3ds of the worked up ground and will be planting beans, peas, corn and sunflowers on the rest.

Got most of the strawberries moved to their new bed and got a big patch of sweetcorn in on the old chicken yard ground.

Have two Northstar cherries to plant tomorrow.

Things are really starting to come together.

But still have a lot of other work to do this summer. Work on the root cellar, building stalls in the garage for the two cows, and more bunny cages.
sammyd on 05.07.06 @ 09:55 PM CST [link]