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April 2009

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Wednesday, April 29th

Well it has been a busy month.
Gave the new spreader a workout. forked out the big goat pen, 8 loads!
Got the Cat working and levelled off the last 2 lots. Got them disced down and ready for my buddy to come through with the chisel plow. Maybe tomorrow if it dries a bit......
Hope to get oats in 2 of the remaining lots and corn in the one I spread the manure on.
Last years seeding is looking OK but still rather overrun with burdock. I was really hoping that keeping it topped off would get rid of it, oh well.
The 3 goats we bought in Feb have freshened. 2 are really nice milkers but 1 will be culled next month. Her udder is about the weirdest looking thing I have seen and she doesn't make much more than a pint a milking. Hope her doeling turns out better.
We will also be shipping the 2 saanens and probably Bubba since we have a few of his daughters in the herd now. We Have a nice Nubian buckling that looks like he will take Bubbas spot nicely.
If the rain holds off we may be able to get in the garden this weekend. Hopefully we will get the throttle cable for the tiller. Having a hard time getting Sears to send the right one.

sammyd on 04.29.09 @ 03:30 AM CST [link]

Saturday, April 4th

I noticed a problem with this pic in an earlier post. It seems I have 2 pics uploaded with very similar names, the difference being .jpg and .JPG so sometimes the wrong one comes up.
Here are our latest goats, the two in back are Gwens twin does. The 2 in front are Mistys left to right a buck and a doe.
Bundles of cuteness.
The buck is tentatively named Whitey and Mistys doe is Jezebell.
Gwens are Spooky and Bandit.
Of course everybody else probably has other ideas......
sammyd on 04.04.09 @ 01:27 AM CST [link]

May be a bit early and I have received incredulous looks when I mentioned it but I had the plow and disc in the garden yesterday.
Worked up very well, a bit moist but not too bad.
Hauled a couple of loads out to the field with the spreader and it worked like a champ.
Did some repiping and installed a power supply and Universal stallcock so we are milking with a bucket and electronic pulsation.
Bought a few BouMatic barrel claws at auction and cutoff and filled in the front 2 inflation spouts. Capped off a couple of the air tube pipes and now we have a really good looking goat claw without a lot of extra hoses stuck on it. With the new pulsation and claw we have side to side pulsation instead of all at once. Don't know if it really matters since we are not overloading the claws outlet with a goats production though.
Still some cold weather and snow in the forecast. Getting really tired of winter. Ready to get out and get things done.
sammyd on 04.04.09 @ 01:16 AM CST [link]