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March 2009

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Thursday, March 26th

Been a busy week. One of my friends is going away for a wedding so I volunteered to do his milking. So a couple of nights this week Tammy, Chris and I have been over there learning the system.
Came home Wed night and found 2 little goats in the pen, Misty had freshened!! And one of them was a doe!!!!!!!!!! Finally.
Then last night we came home and Gwen looked really close, I figured either through the night or early this morning. Well by 6 they had been born a while and taken over by Misty. Both are little does!!
So maybe our luck is turning 11 billys to 3 does.
Went to a local consignment auction yesterday and got a few deals. Tammy was inside bidding on some nice LaCrosse boots they had and got some nice ones for around 5 bucks a pair. Brand new in the box. Got Chris a pair of steel toe work boots and a couple of pair of rubber knee boots, one pair with felt liners.
I found a really nice 125 bushel manure spreader for about half what I would have paid anywhere else. Really good shape too.
Hasn't been warm or dry enough to get much done in the garden yet but we're ready.
sammyd on 03.26.09 @ 09:34 AM CST [link]

Latest little ones. The 2 in the back are Gwen's does, the 2 standing up L to R are Misty's buck and doe.
sammyd on 03.26.09 @ 09:26 AM CST [link]

These are the 2 little guys we had to bring in the house. Growing nicely and eating grain and hay.
sammyd on 03.26.09 @ 09:22 AM CST [link]

sammyd on 03.26.09 @ 09:19 AM CST [more..]

Monday, March 23rd

Spring is almost ready to bless us with decent weather.
Been trying to get started but winter keeps rearing its ugly head.
Saturday was an awesome day, sunny and warm. But I had to work so I didn't get much accomplished. Took down the goat pasture fence (still 3 fence posts that are frozen in) and drug the little red shed around to start making it into a chicken coop.
Getting a plan together for our decrepit turkey shed. Getting electricity out to it looks like it shouldn't be too bad if I can deal with only a 60 amp service.
Still trying to decide how much of it to save, every time we look we keep coming up with all kinds of ideas.
Been to a couple of auctions all ready this year but haven't drug anything cool home. Wed is the spring produce auction consignment sale. They usually have all kinds of neat stuff there, took a day of vacation so I could spend the whole day if I need to. Have a few things like a manure spreader that we could use, we'll see how things go this spring.
Next weekend I have to do chores for a friend that is headed down to Neb for a wedding. Been a while since I milked cows but I spent a milking with him last weekend and it all came back. Will be over there tomorrow again to make sure I have it all figured out.
Have a bunch of stuff started in the basement and it's looking good. A little early as usual though. Tammy says the throttle cable on her tiller is stuck so I have a bit of maintainment to do before it's ready.
The little Allis started right up last week so she's ready to work and our friends big Farmall 756 is running like a champ if I need some big power. Have to get out to the shed and make sure the Cat starts.
Lots of manure to haul out and another friend has offered to let me use his spreader. We're way past hauling it out with a wheelbarrow anymore.
That's about it around here. Now if this weather can warm up again we can really get some stuff done!

sammyd on 03.23.09 @ 10:17 PM CST [link]

Some of the plants we've started.
sammyd on 03.23.09 @ 10:03 PM CST [link]

More plants!
sammyd on 03.23.09 @ 10:01 PM CST [link]

Some more plants we started
sammyd on 03.23.09 @ 09:59 PM CST [link]