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March 2007

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Thursday, March 29th

Well, a long time between updates.
I got a bunch of stuff started last week. Tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, pickles...
Still have to start some flowers for along the walkway and then get some cole crops started.
A buddy at work who is into rabbits decided to get out of them and is trading me 9 bunnies with cages for 12 of my laying hens.
Now to find a market for all the bunnies I should be able to produce.
Lady and Belle are still in their winter pen as the ground is pretty soft and the pasture isn't green yet.
Gem (a replacement heifer) and Stupid( a Holstein steer) are in a pen in the garage. In another pen are the two goats which I am thinking of selling.
Having a hard time finding a buck to breed the goats and don't really want to buy one just to have around.
Ran through a lot more hay this winter than I had expected, but I have more animals than I planned on. Luckily I've found some good stuff at decent prices.
The high grain and corn prices are showing themselves in the feedmill bill, but I'm not complaining too much yet.
Really looking hard at the 1/6 acre plots. Might go with 1/4 acres and raise corn on 2 for a couple of years then oats/hay on one and rotate like that. Don't really need all that much garden area as 2 of the kids should be out of the house within a year or so.
Cutting back on the laying hens as I am having a hard time selling the eggs. Even at a dollar a dozen. Can't understand why people will buy at the store for over a buck and get those lame white eggs with the really pale yolks when they could get farm fresh cheaper.

Not much else going on, just cleaning up from winter, lots of branches laying around and stuff the kids drug around. Walk the property a lot scheming and dreaming. Can't wait for it to warm up!
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