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February 2006

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Sunday, February 26th

About time to add a little something.
Got the pig back 314 pounds processed. Got 63 pounds of sausage and lots of bacon and ham. Yumm.
Can't wait till I can grow my own. T went the same day I picked up the pig so the meat should be ready for pickup any day.

Started some tomatoes last week. Still really a bit early but I want to try a trick someone told me about.
Start them and when they get a few leaves, transplant them again and bury them deeper in the soil. The stems make more roots and when you finally plant them outside they really take off.

Debating whether I should get some plastic cloches and try for peanuts this year. At 100 days for the early Spanish it's an iffy proposition without the cloches. Don't really need the peanuts but it would be nice for variety.

During the big cold snap last week our wood burner took a crap. The stovepipe in the chimney broke and one of the blowers in back stopped working. I noticed some small holes around the door as well. Lot of work ahead this summer to get it back in shape.

Have a few last minute seeds to get around, get the tiller tuned up and we should be about ready for spring. It can't come soon enough.
sammyd on 02.26.06 @ 03:26 AM CST [link]

Sunday, February 5th

Had a nice Saturday cruising the local Amish stores.
We went to Hene's Supply in Withee and Cloverdale in Curtiss.
Tammy discovered that a hand crank food processer we got at an auction for a buck is worth $113.
And we discovered a great book for anyone interested in growing and keeping produce.
It's called The Practical Produce Cookbook by ray and Elise Hoover.
Available from Little Mountain Printing 4A Bordner Rd Richland PA 17087.
ISBN 0-9718456-0-3

It covers everything from how and when to plant to how to freeze and can just about anything from the garden.
The recipies look pretty good too.

The pig is at the locker plant, boy was he big. I'd have to bet that we'll have over 300 pounds of pork soon. While I was there I noticed that there free range chicken boneless skinless breasts were 5.49 a pound!! sure glad I raised my own razz
Getting a plan together to build a stall in the garage for a small cow. I originally considered adding on and I may do that later. But I figure if I won't need a whole lot of extra room just now. I can brood chicks in the cow stall in late spring early summer while the cow is out grazing in the pasture. And I am going to hold off on getting a sow, I'll stick with feeder pigs for a year or two.
Later on if I do get a sow I'll want to keep her indoors in the winter. She would do OK outside but it would be easier to feed and water her if she was with the other animals.

Of course as I've found out, plans are very changeable.

The chickens are still laying about an egg a day. Tammys friend from work dropped off a few pumpkins and squash she didn't need so I throw one of those out there once in a while for a treat.
Reguar white eggs are up to 99 cents at the local IGA. Tammy sells our farm fresh brown ones for a dollar. (the Amish stores had them for $1.20).
One of our cats decided that he would watch the chickens while I was mucking out the shed this week. The girls didn't like that one bit. Lots of clucking and noise. And to tell the truth I don't think the cat would have a chance if jumped by 24 angry hens.

Almost time to get the celery and celeriac started in the basement. It will be good to start something!

sammyd on 02.05.06 @ 08:14 AM CST [link]