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January 2007

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Tuesday, January 16th

Well, a new year and finally a new post.
Not much happening around here lately. Just keeping up with the chores.
Lady and Belle are doing well in a pen outside. I had to build a feeder to keep their hay off the ground. I was going to keep them inside but I bought a couple of small calves cheap and needed a place to put them.
We dried off the milking goat and missed a chance to get her bred back. Something I'll have to look into shortly as the little one isn't so little anymore and should be bred as well.
The bunnies are in cages for the winter. I was going to put the cages in the chicken coop but ran into a lack of room.
I did read an interesting article on themodernhomested.us about chicken coops and bunnies. Since I need to build a bigger coop this summer I may incorporate a few ideas from there into mine.

Starting to get seed catalogs in. Have quite a list together all ready.
Was at Wal-Mart the other day and decided that I can no longer go shopping by myself now that the gardening stuff is making its way back on the shelves. I came home with a bag of seeds, 2 long planters, and a shelf for in front of the patio doors.

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